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Sarah Short Circuit is a blog about my journey down the yellow brick road of becoming a mother, recovery and healing after Postpartum Psychosis, and discovering how to live a healthy, simple, eco life with my family

I will share with you what I have been through in the past few years and the changes that I have and am making in my family’s life. I hope to share what I stumble across, what I am researching, what I find interesting, and what stories I feel need to be heard. This is my journey, no one else’s, so things may be rough around the edges as I am still learning and improving as one can only do better when they know better.

My wish is that I share with you what my family and I have been through with my mental health crisis, to create awareness of Postpartum Psychosis, and to give strength to those who have also experienced it to say you are not alone, you are not crazy, you are simply human. I wish to share with you that it is possible to crawl out of the darkness of the crisis, that it is temporary and that it is possible and achievable to find and create your new normal.

I am Sarah, I am a wife to my spunky husband, mother to my energetic son, and I am tenacious with whatever I project I am working on or idea I have. I love to read, hippy in nature, nerd in thought, always seem to be researching something, and love to enjoy a glass of wine with the music pumping!

I am a Health and Lifestyle Mentor, combining my qualifications as a Health and Lifestyle Educator with Twenty8 and Functional Nutrition Consultant with Changing Habits. Always learning, these studies build upon my Bachelor degree with majors in psychology and physiology and my Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences.

So follow the yellow brick road and dive down the rabbit hole with me on my journey of healing and health.

– Sarah

PS I am not a qualified health practitioner, and the content on this blog is for educational and awareness purposes only. Please always consult your open minded medical practitioner for any medical advice. And if you or your loved one is currently experiencing a mental health crisis I strongly encourage you to seek urgent emergency medical treatment.

Note: I believe in 100% of the ethics, philosophies and products of the companies that I am affiliated with. That means that if you make a purchase by clicking through these links, you pay the same price and I receive a small commission. This helps with the cost of blogging and sharing my story with you.  If you have any queries about this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Hi Sarah!

    I recently came across your blog. Thank you for sharing about your journey and healing. I overcame postpartum psychosis myself. I have shared my story in my book, A Mother’s Climb Out of Darkness, published by Praeclarus Press. If you are interested in learning more about it, here is a link to amazon site:

    Thank you again for your openness and willingness to share.

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