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Missing in Action

Wow, the past few months have flown past and things have been pretty quiet here on the blog, but I can assure you it has been far from quiet for me. So much has been happening. Here is a snippet of the whirlwind:

May – The MINDD Forum and Day with Cyndi were action packed. As a family we enjoyed the Vivid Light Festival in town.

2015-05-26 027 Vivid

Vivid at Customs House, Sydney

June – From the MINDD forum I was in a spin with some new found direction on healing my body, finding a new piece of the puzzle to work on. I found a couple of Integrative doctors and started working on improving my health in a new way. My mind was racing with the new knowledge and how it has impacted on my life, even since high school. What kept me grounded was my focus on Twenty8 HLE and my fortnightly webinars with my Sparklers.

DSC_1023 Rainbow

Double rainbow in June

July – End of July was a very eventful time with the graduation of Twenty8 HLE Program in Mooloolaba Queensland, I commenced the July Intake of Changing Habits Online Education Course plus I also commenced a TAFE course. I have a love of learning, a passion to expand myself and a tendency to keep myself busy. 

2015-08-01 005 HLE

With Kim Morrison at the Twenty8 HLE Graduation Dinner

August – I began to realise that I had a bit too much on my plate and the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights began to creep back into my life. Not good timing considering it was also the time of my son’s birthday and the time of year where I reflect on the journey I have been on with postpartum psychosis and bringing up a lot of emotions for me.

2015-09-05 001 Cake

My son’s birthday cake (sans lollies)

In the craziness of August I won tickets to the Wellness Summit in Melbourne! Wow, this was definitely an experience not to pass on, so my husband and I had a quick weekend away in Melbourne. It was amazing to be surrounded by almost 700 people who are wanting to be the change in their wellbeing.

2015-08-16 001 Summit

A multitude of speakers at the Wellness Summit, Melbourne

To top off August I did my first market stall at my local gym!

2015-08-29 001 Stall

My display of Twenty8 essential oils and skincare at Fitness First Sylvania

September – A hard slog of long nights and strung out days completing the TAFE course; I am so grateful it was only a 9 week course. TAFE consumed all my spare time meaning little time to share my story with you.

Well September is almost at an end and it is time for me to slow down a bit. My mind has been racing a lot trying to work out my health issues, wanting to do so much as a new graduate of Twenty8 HLE, as well as juggling the family, the household and work. My head hurts just looking at what I have been up to lately. So you may be wondering, how did I cope? How did I manage to take on all these bits and pieces?

To be honest I have struggled a lot in the past few months trying to keep it all together. I overstretched and overwhelmed myself attempting to do too many things all at once.  When I overstretch some things suffer; when I am overwhelmed I suffer. Unfortunately these tend to be things that are most important to me like my wellbeing and my relationships with those close to me. Thankfully the universe is looking out for me and has sent in supports to give me strength and keep me moving forward, with friends contacting me just when I need it most (Thanks Christin, Henry, Maria and Stuart!).

There have been two crucial things that have kept me from falling apart recently; self-care and simplicity.

Self-care – my daily rituals of self-care have been my anchor on days when things seem tough. My rituals have been my way of checking in with myself and showing myself some compassion, that I am doing enough, I am enough and I have enough. Twenty8 Peace and Meditation has been my go to a lot lately in my daily rituals as way to calm the chatter in my mind and ground me to the present moment.

2015-04-26 007 Peace

Peace and Meditation

Simplicity – I have simplified and slowed down my life in the past 3 years, resulting a simple rhythm I follow day to day. I have de-cluttered over time, reducing the amount of possessions I have to care for and clean. Each day I have one chore to achieve like Monday is the day I wash the towels, and if that is all I get done for the day, that’s ok. I have slowed down our schedule, not over committing ourselves on the weekends, which allows us opportunities to go with the flow like go on a bush walk to ground ourselves again and disconnect from the world. 

2015-08-22 025 Karloo Pools

Recent bushwalk to Karloo Pools

Have you had a lot on lately too? What way some of the ways you cope when you are overstretched and overwhelmed?


Changing Habits

Day with Cyndi

I volunteered at Changing Habits Day with Cyndi, Sydney on May 23 2015. I assisted throughout the day answering questions, supporting people and selling Changing Habits products, as well as listening to the beautiful Cyndi share her knowledge with a crowd of 160 people. I definitely saw the impact the MINDD forum had on Cyndi as she passionately spoke about how we need to feed our families to heal the nation.

Wilful Blindness – Information that you could and should know but you somehow manage not to know.

Day with CYndi Chang Habs Blind

Culture and tradition is so important, knowing the seasons, the way we prepare our food and the type of foods. We have to honour the way we eat our foods. Our culture tells us what we should be doing. For example every culture has a ferment.

Day with CYndi Chang Habs culture

90% of you is actually your microbiome. Your microbiome is everywhere, not just in your gut. Improve your microbiome and you will start to eat better, as your microbiome send out signals to seek out these foods.

Day with CYndi Chang Habs Mircobiome

There are many problems with today’s modern wheat, so I will stick with ancient grains of wheat like Emmer Wheat or Spelt or none at all.

Day with CYndi Chang Habs Cascade Wheat

Day with CYndi Chang Habs Wheat

Autoimmunity is caused by genetics, environment and leaky gut. We need to clean up our environment and heal our gut.

Day with CYndi Chang Habs heal gut

Day with CYndi Chang Habs environment

For me attending a Day with Cyndi this year was a time of reflection of the past 14 months and how much I have changed since I attended last year’s event. I am now loving real food, making food from scratch, discovering fermented foods, released 30kgs, educating myself to heal myself, regaining my vitality and finding my tribe.

2015-05-23 002 Cyndi

Cyndi and I at Day with Cyndi, Sydney

I was able to share my story with people, how I changed one small thing at a time as there are no quick fixes. People were asking which product is the best for to start off with or people would reach straight for the Changing Habits Fat Elimination Protocol and I would gently guide them towards the Changing Habits, Changing Lives book as a way to start this journey. That is how I started and I am living proof that no matter how different it may appear compared to what you are currently doing and eating, that change is achievable.  It was beautiful to meet new people and have a chat with Wendy, Nat and Malcolm.

Change starts with you

(via Changing Habits Facebook)

This image resonated with me after the Day with Cyndi. It is up to us to take the first step towards change, no one else is going to do it for you. The food industry is not going to change, the farming practices are not going to change, the pharmaceutical industry is not going to change, the damage being done to the environment is not going to change, unless we first change ourselves. Change what we are eating, change our lifestyle, change our health care and be more loving towards our environment. The change starts with YOU!


Changing Habits Emmer Wheat Flour

Take my breath away

Take my breath awaaaaay!

Lately I have found myself holding my breath from the chemical bombardment I have been encountering. The toxins in the air seem to be everywhere, there is no escape. People think that this continual bombardment is ok in small amounts but we are starting to discover the accumulation effect of these chemicals and that some people may be more sensitive than others. The more I travel down the low-tox lifestyle path, the more I find I can’t stand the smell of fake fragrances and the more sensitive I am becoming to chemicals.

Do you find that you purposely avoid the cleaning product aisle at the supermarket from the toxin fumes wafting from every product on the shelf? Do you dread when you actually need a product from this aisle and make a made dash to locate and retrieve the product of choice whilst leaving the child and trolley at the end of the aisle to spare them from the onslaught? I certainly do as the smell takes my breath away.

Recently my sunglasses broke and I set out to buy a new pair from Westfield. I walked through the cosmetic section of Myer to get to the Sunglasses Hut and I thought I was going to pass out, it was so strong. How do those shop attendants work in that environment every day selling these so called perfumes?

Last Friday my neighbour had their whole unit steam cleaned and put the steam unit in the common area. I was suffocating from the toxic fragrance wafting to my unit, even husband gagged when he got home from the stench, it was that strong. Despite how cold it is we had to open our balcony door to be able to breathe, I couldn’t even smell my vaporiser with my essential oils.

Each week I take my son to his kinder gym class during Term. During a class one of the fathers was with his child and the aftershave/deodorant stench knocked me sideways. I spent most of the class working out where this particular father was just so I didn’t have to encounter the bubble of synthetic fragrances that surrounded him.

On the way to work I walked up the street behind a man with pungent deodorant. I was forced to stop and wait till he walked further ahead just to allow me to breathe. Can people not smell how strong that stuff is that they put on themselves?

At a recent birthday celebration I was surrounded by fake smells within the household. Coconut & fig foaming hand wash I had no choice but to use to wash dirt off toddlers hands. The smell stuck to my hands for what seemed like forever. The toilet block that scents and cleans with every flush. The spray and wipe used to clean up the spills. I escaped outside just to get some fresh air any chance I got.

If a chemical is questionable let’s try to eliminate it or at best it avoid it as best you can.  While I may not be able to control the entire environment, I am able to make my home as close to nature as possible and reduce the toxic chemical load. Has anyone else developed a heightened sensitivity to fake smells since reducing the chemical load in their life?

Moments in May

Things have been a bit quiet lately here on the blog but I can tell you it has been far from quiet for me. I have so many thoughts racing around my head I just need to slow down and write them out and to share them with you all.

So what have I been up to?

I attended my first MINDD Forum on 15-17 May in Sydney. These three days have awakened me to just how much we as a society have caused damage to not just ourselves, but also our future generations. I am still processing all that I learnt from the amazing speakers and researchers at the MINDD Forum so I will pop my take home messages from MINDD into future blog posts. I have learnt so much and have had many aha moments, particularly on my own health. I got a chance to meet Alexx Stuart in person and l loved listening to Alexx talk about Discovery not Deprivation and taste test her delicious turmeric cinnamon custard and berry jelly. Plus I got to reconnect with old friends from Awaken the Change Within Retreat and make new friends! For a fantastic overview listen to the recent Up For a Chat podcast where Kim and Cyndi chat about what they took away from the MINDD Forum. I have already popped the dates for next year’s MINDD Forum in my calendar, can’t wait for Dr Kelly Brogan!

2015-05-16 004 MINDD

I visited the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Homebush, Sydney. No I am not pregnant, rather a close girl friend of mine is pregnant and we spent the day together checking out the expo. It was a eye-opener in a very different way, especially as I now have my simple living filters on. Think of the Guilty Mum segment from ABC The Checkout. All the different products shoved under our noses touting as the next best thing we can’t live without as mothers. It was a very different experience compared to when I went three years ago as a mum-to-be. It was great to see a few eco-friendly products and organic personal care ranges popping up, however disappointing on the lack of cloth nappy stalls that were present. When I attended previously there was a great selection of cloth nappies displayed, perfect for new parents to check out what is out there. I found a stainless steel baby bottle range that looked promising until they demonstrated the self-warming feature; a single-use sachet of a chemical substance that heats up once added to water. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t come in contact with my child’s food, I simply don’t want that chemical substance any where near me thank you, not to mention that you can only buy that substance from that particular company only. The highlight of the day was seeing my son smile with delight as his favourite characters Ben and Holly from The Little Kingdom performed on stage. Big people, big people!

I had a ball volunteering at Changing Habits Day with Cyndi in Sydney on 23 May. Read more about my Day with Cyndi here.

From the MINDD Forum’s many aha moments I am following up with a holistic General Practitioner some underlying symptoms, many of which I have had since I was a teenager, which relate back to my theory that the reason I developed Postpartum Psychosis has something to do with nutrient deficiencies. I am waiting on a raft of test results to come back to see if my hunch was right! Keep you posted.

With all this new information coming in I am taking the time to process it all and absorb this knowledge in ways that can improve my health. I also continue to study the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator Program, furthering my education and working on my homework each week.

The universe has been speaking to me a lot late, almost to the point of yelling. Some new opportunities have presented to me and I am releasing my urge to control everything and to just enjoy the process and see where the universe leads me. I am putting plans in place to undertake some TAFE studies in semester 2 this year. I am networking with new opportunities to put myself out there as a Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator, such as being apart of the Member’s Appreciation day at my local gym and working together with a friend from the gym who just so happens to be an new Intimo Representative.

So things have been a tad busy, and it has been enjoyable although slightly tiring. I am grateful for my family supporting me during this time, particularly as I have not been on the ball as much as usual around our home or being as present as I would normally due to either being lost in a myriad of thoughts or a daze of tiredness. I am taking the time to slow down, rest and recharge so that I can better look after myself, so that I then I can better look after my family and those around me. What have you been up to lately?


Smell of attraction

I am three weeks into the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator course and loving it. I have found a lovely new tribe welcoming me with open arms, so many beautiful, supportive souls. The modules are easy to manage each week, even while running a home, working and have a toddler running around. I love the short videos of Kim Morrison we get with each module.

Listening to the video this week got me thinking about some research I recall from my university studies. Kim was chatting about how when we inhale an aroma it has an effect on us for example certain smells remind us of our childhood. Kim was telling us how smell can attract other human beings and using essential oils on our body can interact with our pheromones and hormones to create our own unique smell, in comparison to a perfume which smells the same on any body. This got me thinking of the amusing white t-shirt experiment.

For 2 nights men wore a white t-shirt to bed and then returned it to the researchers. The following day a smell test is conducted where women smell 6 of the men’s white t-shirts and asked to rank their preference of odour. The results found that those t-shirts which were ranked as being more ‘pleasant’ are more genetically different from that of the judging woman. This effect is reversed in women who were taking oral contraceptives. This suggests that odour may play a role in our mate preferences. Being dissimilar promotes healthy genetic diversity and a stronger immune system. This research also parallels what happens in mice and rats. Source: MHC genes, body odours, and odour preferences

The ‘Chemistry of Attraction’ was on ABC Catalyst a couple of years ago and referred to the t-shirt experiment. Here is a short video from a documentary in 2000 replicating this experiment.

Makes you realise how powerful the sense of smell is and gives you a greater understanding as to how essential oils and aromatherapy work! Looking forward to more ‘aha’s in the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator program.

Time to get a journal

We have all had a moment in time, usually in childhood, where we write our deepest, darkest secrets in a diary. For most of us though the act of writing our inner thoughts in a diary wanes after a while. For others it morphs into list making as a way to keep life organised. I have always been one for lists, written on odd bits of paper, post it notes both hard copy and virtual, and running to do list in my head. This system of lists had worked until a big gust of wind came along and scattered lists everywhere.

Those winds were Postpartum Psychosis. As I descended into psychosis my list making increased, writing endless notes on bits of paper to remember what I needed to do, when to feed the baby, what questions to ask people about things I wasn’t sure of, list after list. I remember getting an exercise book out one morning as a journal and pouring out the contents of my head to try to get my thoughts to stop racing. I even attempted to get a diary working for me to work out upcoming appointments for our son and me as I was having trouble keeping track of days and time.

As I recovered, with my memory shot to pieces, I struggled to keep track of what things needed doing. If it wasn’t written down, it didn’t get done. I started off using our kitchen whiteboard to jot down what chores needed doing, upcoming appointments, and general tid bits. I progressed to Evernote app and Google calendar, both of which were very handy as I can sync with my husband. The downfall of technology however was it was out of sight, out of mind and not a reliable method of recording quick thoughts as notes.

This all changed August last year when I came across bullet journalling. Back to the old school pen and paper method the original bullet journal concept makes it so easy to be organised. Just jot down tasks on a day to day list, any tasks not done in the month get rolled onto the month to do list, as well a monthly view calendar. Any special topics e.g. Christmas lists, holiday checklists can be created as a separate page and indexed. Everything is in the one place with symbols distinguishing between tasks, events, notes. There is not any particular type of diary you have to buy for it to work, any blank note book will do. The lists can be as big or as small as you like, with no pressure to write in a pre-defined area, and its ok if you skip a day (or two!) So simple!

Here is a video by the creator of Bullet Journal to give you an overview:

Since I started bullet journalling my productivity has sky rocketed. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I tick off things on my to do list. I am motivated to complete tasks that have been hanging around on my monthly lists for too long. I don’t forget the little things to do as I now write them down on the day I think of them; it doesn’t mean I have to get it done that day. I even started a bullet journal at work to help keep organised and on track with all the tasks I am working on. I would be so lost without bullet journalling.

I still use the kitchen whiteboard as a place for meal plan ideas, chore prompting, and the occasional upcoming event. All events are synced into our Google calendars, so my husband and I both know what is coming up for our family. I use Evernote a lot for occasional notes like books to read, photos of receipts, wish list items and other random notes. My go-to master list is now my Gratitude Diary 2015 (from Biome) with the bullet journalling to do lists and notes, as well as my daily gratitudes, all in one convenient location. If I feel like I am getting overwhelmed or lost my rhythm I call a 5 five minute time out where I can brain dump everything into my diary.

2015-03-27 Diary

My gratitude diary (from Biome)

I start the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator Program next Monday and I am so excited to be learning everything there is know about essential oils and self-care from the passionate Kim Morrison. I received the first email this week in preparation for the start of the course and it was titled “Time to get a Journal”. At first I was hesitant to be writing my flowing thoughts into a journal. I now see this as an opportunity to expand my daily journalling practice, and as a way to document my feelings, thoughts and learnings on the Twenty8 HLE course as an investment in myself.

Are you a list maker? Do you write your musings in a journal? Or are your a bullet journal fan?


Ready, set, race!

I’m distracted, left behind in my own world as my legs start to turn over.

Pick up the pace, turn up a gear!

Focus, who am I kidding, my head is not in the room, its off planning what I will do after class, thinking what my son is up to… my thoughts are racing.

“You make me feel good,
You make me feel safe,
You know I wouldn’t have it any other way”

As I am thinking of husband working 6 days a week and missing him heaps the beat of Laserlight by Jessie J brings me back into the moment. I am alive, my legs are spinning, beads of perspiration are trickling down my face. Reality check. This is my time, my moment.

I’ve got that feeling returning, I remember this feeling. I start to feel good as Flo Rida Good Feeling pumps away my thoughts.

Start to climb!

I start to drift off, reminiscing about times in high school as Bomfunk MC Freestyler and Fragma Toca’s Miracle pound out of the speakers, my thoughts seem a million miles away but my legs keep spinning to the bass.

Increase the resistance!

Bring it back, focus, feel the burn. Forget about the thoughts as my body works hard. Get lost in the music not my thoughts. Slow down the race in my head, there is no winner.


No one gets left behind in the spin room, there are no losers, we are all in it together.

As the instructor wearing a Spider Man suit brings the class to a close I reflect on my spin class today. My head wasn’t in a good space, I need to slow down again. I have lost my rhythm, my routine at the gym and I miss the good feeling.

The gym is my outlet for release and time out. While I am  not a gym junkie, it is a place where I can forget about the world and focus on myself. Feel my body working hard, building strength and letting go of the stress. A place where I can stop my thoughts racing away. Even while I was pregnant we planned enough money in our budget for me to continue with the gym despite people saying we should give up our gym membership with a new bub and a single income. Going to the gym is my time for self-care.

The gym has been a wonderful place for me especially on my journey of healing and recovery. I get to know familiar faces, friendly smiles are exchanged and conversations are struck up with the regulars. On days I am feeling flat and I drag myself to the gym, I get a buzz once I am there and interacting with other people and working my body. The regulars greet me with a smile and a laugh along with words of encouragement as they notice the changes in me, the weight I have lost. Even a personal trainer that I saw 18 months ago at my heaviest did a double take at me recently and came up to me with words of amazement and encouragement.

Though my routine has been shaky of late and my head feels like it’s picking up speed, I know that the gym is where I am grounded, I get that good feeling!

Turn off the TV

You come home from a hard day at the office, strung out and all you want to do is sit down and watch mindless TV to unwind. Switch on the news to see the latest doom and gloom, accidents, natural disasters, murders, etc. After the news you tend to flick over to the latest realtity TV show, which is hardly based on real life, or TV series transporting you to an alternate reality where you get caught up in the character’s lives, not wanting to miss the most recent episode of drama.

Growing up I didn’t watch much TV as I always had study to do, but TV was a means to veg out and relax watching shows like ER, McLeods Daughters, Dr Phil or the Biggest Loser. Every night the TV was on and by 5pm the first onslaught of daily news would fill our living room, continuing on another channel at 6pm. Like most families we sat in front of the TV while eating dinner most nights. There were 4 people living in our home and there were 4 TVs! Moving out of home I continued my TV habits, particularly as I was able to ‘tape’ particular programs that looked appealing onto the DVD hard drive and watch uninterrupted TV with no ads. I had endless hours of TV viewing of reality shows, documentaries and TV series building up on the hard drive to keep me going.

When I was hospitalised in the mental health unit for Postpartum Psychosis, the TV was on constantly. There was another patient who particularly liked to watch the news, so the news played even if he wasn’t in the room. Each time I was in the common lounge area the news was blaring at me, all these images causing chaos in my mind. The trauma of the news played havoc on my delusions as I was already out of touch with reality. I vaguely remember watching Kate Middleton the then Princess of Cambridge travelling around on the Diamond Jubilee Tour in 2012, thinking that I too was a princess that should be out enjoying the world travelling to exotic places. The confusing images on the 2012 anti-Islam protests erupting in the streets of Sydney and not being able to understand what was going on, why was this happening in my own backyard. As patients on a mental health unit we had no access to the remote control and it was difficult to ask the nurses to change it as they had other more important things to do. There was little else to do on the ward so I retreated to my room away from the TV.

While in hospital I began to miss the simple pleasure of listening to music. Having not driven in the car anywhere in weeks the radio in my life was absent. Having not been home I missed being able to put on music streaming into our lounge room. I clearly remember being granted my first home visit pass from the mental health unit, my husband picking me up and driving home with the music pumping, feeling the bass through my body. I was so pleased to escape not only the hospital briefly but to escape the continual barrage of the news and the TV.

Organics on a budget - TV news

(Via Organics on a Budget)

After my Postpartum Psychosis episode gradually I watched less and less TV. At first it was because I struggled mentally to follow the gist of the program and the concentration on the TV was mentally fatiguing. I deleted quite a number of TV recordings from my DVD hard drive not having the time to watch time with a new baby in the home. I tended not to follow any of the news as it was distressing to me with all the suffering and anxiety-provoking negative stories being broad casted. Over time I found myself more content having the TV switched off and playing music or the radio instead. I no longer felt like I was missing out on something, as I was enjoying time with my family. I no longer feel compelled to buy something as I had seen it ‘recommended’ on TV. Not having to be glued to the TV screen I found more time to do other things. Apart from River Cottage and the odd documentary, I was finding the programs on TV had lost their appeal.

There was so much more out there than TV, so many things that TV was not telling us about. There are other things you should know about apart from the what the news wants you to hear. How our world is changing, the environmental impacts human are having on our planet, how we are slowly killing ourselves through toxins were are ingesting, how to live simply and sustainably, alternatives to the conventional ways of eating and living. There is a plethora of free documentaries and podcasts, and so many well-written books filled with knowledge and inspiring stories.

I love this post by Becoming Minimalist on 10 Reasons to watch less TV. Though we have not given up the TV entirely, we are watching a lot less than we used to and my son in particular has limited hours of screen time. My family sit around the dinner table with no TV on in the background. It is easier to get out of the house on time and calmly when the TV is not on to distract us. I am not passing my days at home with day time TV, I rather go read a book, listen to a podcast or even have a nap if I choose.

Rather than watching life pass by, turn the TV off and start living life!

My parents were children of the 1970s so I listened to a lot of music from the seventies. This this song comes to mind when watching the news.

Investment in myself

As part of my journey in health I am investing in myself and in a months time I will begin the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Education (HLE) Program by the amazing Kim Morrison. The Twenty8 HLE Program is a nationwide training program aimed at improving the health and wellness of the individual, their family and community through the use of essential oils and ritualised aromatherapy practices.

At the Awaken the Change Within retreat 2014 I came away feeling empowered. I love everything about Twenty8 and Kim’s philosophy about self-care and rituals with essential oils. At ATCW retreat I was entranced by Kim’s passion for wholistic wellness, and her ability to talk endlessly about the benefits of essential oils and chemical free living. One of the sessions got me really thinking, invest in my self. Don’t make excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money”, just make the decision and the universal business will sort out the rest. If you want to change careers, do it. If you want to go back to school and study, do it. If you want to start your own business, do it. I really wanted to be apart of the HLE program so that weekend I signed up on the spot.

In preparation for the start of the HLE program in March 2015, I recently received my parcels of Twenty8 goodness, beautifully wrapped and smelling divine with Immune Boost essential oil.

2015-02-14 001 Parcels

Twenty8 parcels delivered to my door

  • Complete set of essential oil synergy blends
2015-02-14 004 Blends

Twenty8 Synergy Blends

  • Complete Age-Defying Skincare Kit
2015-02-14 003 Skin care

Twenty8 Skincare Kit

  • Complete Body Boost Pack
  • Oil Vaporiser
  • Like Chocolate for Women top selling book

I am so excited to be learning and growing more and to be joining the fantastic Twenty8 team!



Stop thinking, get some Headspace!

The past couple of weeks I have been working through Headspace Take10, a free course of 10 of guided meditation sessions. I have also been reading the book Headspace by Andy Puddington. Meditation is not a new thing to me as its my favourite part of yoga lying down and relaxing.

Headspace is mindfulness in the modern world. Headspace is clarity, a way to bring your mind back to rest, not to think empty thoughts but that it’s ok to have thoughts. I loved the short video on sitting on the side of the road watching the cars/thoughts go by and that I am learning to not run out in front of traffic. I loved other short videos like the blue sky and the mind is like a puddle and thoughts create ripples, as these were creative, visual ways to explain concepts of mindfulness. I loved the many stories Andy tells in the book of his teachings as a monk in a variety of monasteries all over the world.

Headspace is great however it took me a bit to get in the swing of it. A series of 10 sessions I worked out to take me 10 days, however I was anxious that I wasn’t able to do a session everyday. Headspace reassured me that it was ok if I don’t manage it everyday. I like that Headspace is an app so that I can do it anywhere, like on my lunch break at work enjoying the warm sunshine stretched out on the lush green grass. I struggled with getting Headspace as it was hard to get 10 minutes peace to myself at home with my son saying ‘wake up’ when I closed my eyes or ‘I need to wee’ so I would start the 10 minutes over again. Headspace was a way to focus on your physical sensations, except for the session when this focus made me aware I needed to use the bathroom, and start the session again. Headspace was a way to be calm with my thoughts.

I felt clearer in my mind on the days when I did Headspace Take10. The effects of meditation are not just a wishy-washy all in my head things, there is a lot of science around the benefits of meditation. Mindfulness reduces anxiety, is a way to prevent relapse of depression, a way to flex the brain and increase neuro-plasticity and more.

I am going to continue on my Headspace journey over the next 3 months. I will check in and let you know how it goes.

I love this song recently in a Body Balance yoga class, I felt free!

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