Functional Nutrition Course

Are you wondering how you can become a change maker in your own life, your family, your community or the nutrition industry? Thinking of studying nutrition the holistic way?

The Changing Habits internationally accredited online Functional Nutrition Course is based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and nutrition. It’s perfect for you to develop your understanding of nutrition, to set up a business as a health and nutrition mentor and become a change maker creating a ripple effect of better health in your community.

As someone who has embraced the philosophy of Changing Habits and transformed my life as well as an inaugural graduate of the Functional Nutrition Academy I know the importance of the vitalistic approach to health by treating your body as a whole rather than just looking at the symptoms.

Functional Nutrition Academy Graduation 2016

Interested in studying nutrition with Functional Nutrition Academy but think you may not have the time to manage studying, may not have the skills required to study, or think assignments are daunting? Think again!

When you decide to undertake this investment in your health and education, I am offering complimentary mentorship to support you in completing the  Functional Nutrition Academy Certificate in Nutrition. As a Researcher at a renowned Australian University as well as a Health and Lifestyle Mentor, I will share with you my knowledge and skills in all things health, critical thinking and scientific research to support you to further your education.

In the Functional Nutrition Course there are 12 modules which cover a range of nutritional topics that you can study at your own pace. Throughout the course you will analyse all factors to identify, create and apply holistic and appropriate solutions to achieve better health outcomes. Written assessment is required within each module to broaden your critical thinking skills and knowledge.

Functional Nutrition Academy Complimentary Mentorship includes:

  • guidance as you research, challenge and question
  • regular meetings to discuss progress and challenges
  • tips and tricks to search for scientific literature
  • learning the art of simplfying complex matters
  • support in unpacking research on Pub Med
  • help to understand and then convert research into information that is helpful
  • how to use referencing in your written assignments
  • find your way through medical jargon
  • fostering your analytical skills and provide you with deeper knowledge of research
  • navigate the steep learning curve of continuing education in the online world
  • assistance in juggling study with family and work life

Email me today if you are ready to invest in yourself and make this year your best yet – The next intake starts on Monday 5th February 2017.

Helping you to help people transform their health, bodies and life… be a change maker!

Functional Nutrition Academy Feb 2017 Intake