Cynthia Wachenheim was suffering from psychosis when she strapped her baby boy Keston to her chest and jumped from the eighth floor of her New York apartment.

My impression is that she likely had post-partum PSYCHOSIS, not post-partum depression, and, if I were a betting woman, I’d bet her doc missed it, and treated it with anti-depressants, which are known (by mental health experts) to make this type of psychosis WORSE. PSYCHOSIS, Elie.

Not depression, not anxiety, not sadness. PSYCHOSIS.

“This is not a crime, not an act of a selfish woman, not an act of evil,” Nowicki wrote. “it is an act of grave, grave mental illness that appears to have been woefully missed.”

Source: She had psychosis, so she strapped her 10-month-old baby to her chest and jumped.

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