But more often than not, the stories of women who suffer from postpartum psychosis but do not to take extreme actions like taking the lives of their children or themselves are rarely told.

“I just could not rest, I could not sleep. I just got more and more manic, the thoughts really started to pick up and they started to race. I was like ‘what is going on? I’m just too happy’.”

Hayley said she started acting very impulsively. She was waking up at 4am and cleaning the house or exercising obsessively.

“I am doing this because if I knew the signs and the symptoms, I would have been put straight in the hospital and I wouldn’t have had to go through any of that,” Hayley says.

“It’s just temporary madness.”

Source: Postpartum psychosis: Could this illness be effecting you? Read this.

 Know the signs and seek help early. PANDA National Helpline 1300 729 360 panda.org.au