It looked just like her baby. And yet the mother became convinced her daughter had been replaced.

Source: ‘Not my baby’: Delusion led to fatal throat slitting by mother

I recall hearing about this scenario last year in the media and I instantly thought that mental health was a huge part of the story. Reading this article fired me up to hear of an Australian mum receiving anti-depressants to then spiral into postpartum psychosis, just like I did however without the devastating outcome. It is a reminder that many only know to look out for symptoms of postpartum depression.

The father sought out anti-depressants the next day, gave her some and found her much happier.

SMH did a great job conveying the facts in this article. We need to educate the medical professionals as well as the community about postpartum psychosis to prevent these cases from happening in our community.

This article also has given me the opportunity to talk a bit with my parents about their recollections with my experience, interesting yet tough conversations.