” It started with smiles and laughter, sprinkled with a lack of sleep, then spiralled into mania, sleep deprivation, racing thoughts and delusions…my family sought emergency care for me and I was hospitalised with postpartum psychosis.”

“I am a mum, just like any other mum and I am grateful to be able to connect with Babes + Picnics to add another piece to my healing journey”

My story is featured on Babes + Picnics Australia as part of their Anxiety & PND Awareness guest posts supporting PANDA. Connecting with other mums helped with my healing and recovery and I gained some amazing friends too with our babies turning 5 this month! If you are a local mum, please reach out and come along to the Babes + Picnics Sutherland Shire picnic this week!

Know the signs and seek help early. PANDA National Helpline 1300 729 360 panda.org.au