I am so sick of being sick. I feel like I am on this merry-go-round that I can’t seem to get off. In six to eight week cycles since Christmas 2013 I continue to come down with the cold and flu symptoms, putting me out of action for days and recovering for weeks. This stop-start business of getting sick, then catching up on life, start to feel good again, only to then get sick. I have had enough already universe!

At first I thought it was the detox processes at work as I started my journey to wholesome real food. Eating the good food to crowd out the bad food. Letting my body adjust to the new ways of health and wellness. Going through gut die off as my body recalibrates the good bacteria. I continue to keep up the probiotics, fermented foods and the kombucha to support my gut health.

I went to see my local GP after about the third bout of sickness. It’s nothing the doctor can do, it’s probably just a virus, let it run its course, rest, and keep your fluids up. Who can rest with a toddler I think. I ask as to why I continue to get sick and it’s because I am ‘unlucky’. What does luck even have to do with it? I feel like I am dying while being sick with a toddler.

Every six weeks I continue to be knocked down with head aches, stuffy runny nose, body aches and fever. Is it my body telling me to just simple slow down? My body always has found a way to put up the white flag and to get me stop. My body’s greatest way of doing this is slamming me with a massive migraine. Usually stops me in my tracks, forcing me to retreat to bed with the lights off not wanting to move an inch.

I had come to accept that getting sick was just a part of motherhood, with the exception that I seemed to be the only one in the household getting sick. Until I read Deja Ewww! by Dr William Davis, Wheat Belly. Could my symptoms of sinus and mucous, body aches and general tiredness by a symptom of wheat re-exposure? Over the months I had reduced the amount and type of wheat we had been eating at home. The periods of sickness seemed to follow days after a family function, along with a guaranteed migraine two days later and an upset tummy. Coincidental or not? Nothing against my beautiful family, however, the pastas, breads and gluttony of delicious cakes and desserts were my weakness and most likely containing refined wheat in large quantities. I strengthened my resolve to not eat wheat whilst dining with family or friends.

After this epiphany about wheat I went four months sinus and sickness free, only to be stricken again over Christmas with the flu and a chest infection. Everyone in the family had it so this time round I at least knew it wasn’t due to something that I had eaten. Being sick over the Christmas break is not fun, especially when you are stuck at home with a bored toddler.

Six weeks later we were all struck down again with another virus, this time putting my husband and son totally out of action for a week. Husband suffering with a severe sinus infection and resorting to antibiotics, looked for alternatives to clear up the mucous. A mate of his recommended Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to treat sinus infections. Drinking a splash of ACV in a glass of water takes a bit of getting used to but it worked.

Another six weeks later and again the toddler starts with a running nose on Saturday. By Sunday morning I am curled up with the shakes and temperature fluctuations, struggling to breathe. This time I halt everything, no housework, no leaving the house and watching way too much TV for my liking. I drink ACV 3-4 times a day. My morning ritual of body boosting includes Twenty8 Immune Boost. We are eating our nourishing bone broths. I have all our oil diffusers constantly wafting Twenty8 Immune Boost through our home. It’s most likely another virus going around, perhaps something my son has brought home from day care or from the gym creche, or something we picked up on public transport. I rest in bed as best as I can or sloth on the lounge. After a few days I get down to the beach to earth myself and try to breathe in the salt air to clear the lungs and relieve the aches.

Enough is enough. I am eating well, looking after my self better than I have in a long while, not overdoing things and I am still getting sick. Time to look into other avenues as to what may be going on with my body. Have you sought alternatives to healthcare? What has worked for you?


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