Easter has been and gone but I’m still on a egg hunt. Searching for free range eggs that are actually free range on the Choice Australia boycott bad eggs. I thought I was making a good choice buying these Aldi free range eggs. Think again!

2016-03-31 20.49.00

Aldi free range eggs

Recently the consumer affairs ministers have voted about the misleading free-range egg labels. ‘Free-range’ can mean eggs produced by hens stocked at up to 10,000 birds per hectare and there’s no requirement for to chickens to actually go outside.

CHOICE as well myself believe we as consumers have the right to know if the eggs we buy are actual free range of 1,500 bird per hectare as per CSIRO standard.

Most major producers of eggs labelled ‘free-range’ stock at 10,000 hens per hectare. Brands with this stocking density include:

  • Aldi (Lodge Farm Free Range Eggs)
  • Coles Free Range
  • Ecoeggs
  • Farm Pride Free Range
  • Pace Farm Free Range
  • Woolworths Free Range

See here for a full list or download the app CluckAR.

Searching from store to store with the list in hand I shopped around finding mostly bad eggs. Until I found these Southern Highland Organics eggs at Mrs Watson’s Cronulla for $8.95 a dozen. Not only are they Australian Organic, they are 800 chickens per hectare. I have heard these eggs can also be found at Woolworths.


Southern Highland Organics

Not putting all my eggs in one basket, I got in contact with Farmer Luke from Tathra Place in Gymea Bay. It was such a a nice surprise picking up our first monthly order to find chicks in the garage. Love that the chickens are ethically raised pasture fed with no chemicals, no hormones, no antibiotics and no gmos. Tathra Place have a regular egg order list so no chance of missing out on the golden eggs. You can also pick up a carton at Pryde Meats Miranda. Support locals raising and supplying food the way it should be!

2016-04-15 12.27.50

Little Tathra Place chicks!

My friend Stuart also let us know that there is a local farmer at Illawong selling free range eggs at their road stall. I must check this out as $5 a dozen it is a bargain!

Show your support for a boycott of the big producers who sell free range eggs from chickens kept in conditions that don’t meet the CSIRO’s Model Code. Do you give a cluck? Which free range eggs do you buy? Where to do buy your eggs from?


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