My name is Sarah and I am addicted to Milo.

My weakness is 3-4 heaped teaspoons added to either a glass of milk or mixed in with ice cream plus one extra for my gob. Everyday breakfast would have to include a glass of Milo. Any chance I got I would indulge in a bowl of ice cream topped with Milo. A staple of my diet, heaven on a spoon. There was only one time in my life I can recall not having Milo, my first trimester of pregnancy, Milo made me want to gag.

Correction: I was addicted.

After reading Alexx Stuart’s post on the ingredient list of Milo, as well as a recipe, and I had second thoughts about all the artificial ingredients contained in Milo not to mention the amount of sugar. I loved the idea of making my own Milo and stumbled across Natural New Age Mum’s post about a Milo alternative recipe.

At first I thought it was all too much effort to make my own, so I slowly reduced the frequency of my Milo consumption. Enter the Vitamix! Now having a quick effortless way of nut crushing I gave the Natural New Age Mum recipe a go.

2014-12-20 003 Vitamix

Our nut crushing Vitamix

I have varied the recipe by adding 1/4 cup of Maca powder, and reducing the rapadura sugar to 3/4 cup as I found I didn’t need it as sweet. To make it easier in a Vitamix, I blend the seeds first and add to a large bowl, second blend the nuts and add to the bowl, and finally mix cacao powder, Maca and sugar in together with seeds and nuts using a potato masher. This achieves the perfect consistency for our tastes.

2014-12-22 007 Milo Milk

Two of our favourite unhomogenised full cream milks and a mug of Milo! (Our cat photo bombed the photo)

I had wanted to find a way to add Maca into my diet as I had read Changing Habits – Wacky Hormones recommending Maca, as well as cacao and pumpkin seeds, as food to help with hormone health. So what better way to eat all these nutritious foods but in glass of full cream milk and my home made Milo alternative. Yum!!


Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar