Hands up who quite willingly can polish off a block of chocolate without thinking twice? Pick me, pick me. Everyone loves a piece or two of chocolate melting in your mouth, savouring every last morsel. I love chocolate as much as the next person, and over the last 12 months I have changed my ways with chocolate.

I have grown up with an appreciation for dark chocolate (thanks Dad!). In changing my ways with chocolate I started to enjoy better quality dark chocolate less often rather than any milk chocolate I could lay my hands on (which seemed to be every night or when I opened the pantry and laid my eyes on the chocolate tin). I would turn over each block in the store scouring the list of ingredients to see what hidden sugars it contained, what artificial numbers were lurking or if it had natural flavouring (what on earth was this?). I wanted to enjoy the goodness of chocolate so tended to steer clear of soy emulsifiers (the chocolate was not going to last that long in our household to go powdery), vegetable oils (causing inflammation) and palm oil (to save the orang-utans).


Peacock Chocolates Wagon Wheel and Rocky Road

As the months became cooler in 2014 I noticed a wonderful stall holder at the markets Peacock Chocolates. We fast became friends and treated ourselves to scrumptious artisan chocolate, our favourite is the wagon wheels. Once it was gone, we had to wait till we next went to the markets; supermarket chocolate was not an option. In 2014 we spoiled our family for Easter with everyone receiving a divine chocolate egg from Peacock Chocolates whilst we indulged in Peacock Chocolate cream filled goose eggs and a bunny for our son. This year we indulged again with the rich chocolate eggs for Easter and were grateful for our last minute order of the Peacock goose eggs.

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

2015-04-12 002 Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Over time I was finding I was no longer ravenous for my daily fix of chocolate, and if I was, a square or two would suffice. Once it got warmer again, it became too warm for Peacock Chocolates to be at the markets. We discovered great organic cacao chocolate block, Vivandi Chocolate, at our local supermarket. This became out go to for satisfying the chocolate urge, though it wasn’t always in stock.

I then took the leap down the real food gauntlet, and decided to make my own chocolate. Cyndi at Changing Habits made it look so simple to make Changing Habits healthy home made chocolate. All I needed was Changing Habits Cacao Melts, rapadura sugar and coconut oil as well as the patience to stir over a double boiler. Caution try to do this when toddler is asleep or pre-occupied with another adult. Alternatively you can make Changing Habits chocolate in a thermomix if you have one.

DIY Chocolate

Home made Chocolate

Home made chocolate is so divine and seems to last longer as I savour it knowing the love and time I put into making it. Have you made chocolate at home?

Changing Habits Cacao Melts