Last couple of weeks I have been listening to the new podcast The Slow Home by one of my favourite bloggers Brooke at Slow Your Home. I loved episode 6 with Cybele Masterman; really needed to hear this lately. Brooke and Cybele discussed shifting your thought process during making something and stop feeling resentful, rather, think I am choosing to make it because I want to. I make the choice to live this way, I can enjoy the process of making it and that act benefits me. So felt this the other night making home-made yoghurt! Be in the moment, choose to view it differently. It’s ok to be content. Be mindful of what you include in your life, create space and time to things that bring you joy. To me this is what living a slow life is all about. My daily motivation for continuing to declutter is Brooke’s facebook group where members post about the highlights and the challenges they face in working towards living a slow life, filled with lots of support and encouragement. It is a continual journey slowing down my home.

Last month I had a freak out moment. I went to a concert and went to our spot where I keep tickets to realise that the next shows tickets were not there. Since my episode of Postpartum Psychosis I have this annoying tendency to move things in tidying up and not remember moving it. Luckily I have gotten on top of my paper piles so double checking everything was a 15 minute task and not a weeks job. Husband thought it was unusual for me not to put tickets in its spot. I had the ticket invoice filed easily in my email so I called the box office & the tickets were not posted out, hence why we couldn’t find them. Crisis averted! Grateful for a decluttered slow home.

Over the Easter long weekend I thought is was a great idea to pull apart all my wardrobe and drawers full of clothes and sort through it all. Not a fun task when you have a toddler jumping around pulling things out too! The bed looked like Mount Everest with clothes piled high. Though I haven’t read the book (waiting to borrow it from the library), this method of pulling everything out in piles is the ‘Konmari’ method based on the popular book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing. However, my motivation was to go through my clothes, particularly stuff to wear for winter as it has turned cooler and see what now fits after losing 30kgs to date. After sifting through all my clothes I rearranged my piles to better suit the space, and was able to part with two bags of clothes to charity that either no longer sparked joy or no longer fit. Another bag of clothes was put aside as rags, lots of old t-shirts especially. I have the vision of turning the t-shirts into a rag rug one day soon. My absolute favourite pair of track pants came to the end of their life as I cut it up for rags, it was sad day for me but they have gone on to another life.

2015-02-16 001 Rag Pants

Goodbye favourite pants!

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a mammoth task all jam packed into a day. All it takes is 10 minutes a day and pick a simple, small, manageable task. Like the other day while waiting for dinner simmering on the stove I pulled apart my tupperware cupboard (I have done this several times before over the past 18 months so there was no avalanche of containers). I made sure each of the containers had a matching lid and that is still functional. I pulled out a entertainment serving ware set still in its box and popped in the charity donation bag. I have plenty of other plates that can serve as suitable entertainment ware rather than hang onto something that would only get used less than monthly at best.

Lurking at the back of the tupperware cupboard was a pasta serving set that we had received as a wedding present and I don’t think we have used as I had been saving it for a ‘special occasion’. Why wait when every day is a special occasion! I had been thinking of getting some more bowls for the family for a while as all our plates and bowls are hand-me-downs from husband’s bachelor pad days with the bowls limited in number unlike the forty thousand plates we seem to have. Now I have four beautiful bowls I can use everyday.

Late last year I purchased new low-tox pots and pans and the order came with a free Scanpan steak knife. I had held onto it till now, even still in the packaging, thinking to myself but is was free! I reasoned with myself that someone else would make better use of it so popped it into the donation bag. One can only own so many kitchen knives and husband has his favourite knife that he uses all the time so it tends to be the knife of choice in our kitchen.

2015-05-09 002 Cook book

My cook books new home.

Making rice for dinner during the week I noticed that our rice cooker had started to flake and peel. Not wanting to think about the possibility of ingesting flakes of Teflon, the rice cooker left the building. With me not being a cook I am hoping that cooking rice on the stove is as easy as it looks on River Cottage. The space vacated by the rice cooker has given me a easy to access space for my cook books to live. This is the third rearrangement of my cook books as they originally started off living in the laundry kitchen as there was no room in the kitchen cupboards. I love the new home for my cook books. Now looking at the cupboard that steam machine cleaner’s days are numbered.

Are you working towards slowing your home? Decluttered anything recently?