The past week or so I have reflected on the things that I have been doing and likened them to how times used to be, old times, Victorian times. I have an image in my head of ladies sitting around with a needle and thread sewing and chatting the day away.



I pulled out my bear sewing box last week, popped on the classical music, had a pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove and wiled away an afternoon repairing a few of my dresses, patching one, sewing back up the seam of a favourite work dress and reattaching a few straps that had come adrift.

The other night by the light of the candles and salt lamps, my husband and I sat at the dining table and enjoyed dinner, a bottle of wine (or two!) and chatted the night away playing cards. No technology, just good company. My husband now likes to tease me saying that we played cards with my dad whilst I was in hospital on the mental ward during visiting hours, however I have no memory of these. Apparently I wasn’t that good and was making up my own rules, which had my husband and dad seeing the funny side of crazy situation.

2015-01-30 003 cards

Playing cards by candle light

I have spent a couple of afternoon’s at my parent’s place rediscovering my craft projects. It was such a pleasure to spend the time with mum and see what sewing we can get up to. Thanks to mum I also have a new sewing machine to call my own, and there is a lot of ideas swirling around my head of what I can create.

Sewing and craft have been a huge part of my life. I have always dabbled in craft like teddy bear making, felting and crazy patchwork, and mum is a huge influence as she is apart of the Embroiders Guild. There has always been threads, fabric and bric-a-brac flowing from mum’s craft room, a new project that catches my eye, and project waiting to be finished off. But as I got older the needle and thread got put aside for other things like studying, working full time and starting a family. The projects and craft sat in the boxes in wardrobes and under the bed gathering dust (some gathered rust as well from pins).

Now I am on the journey to a simpler, slower life I feel like getting back into sewing. While it may not be like Victorian time as I do not have a whole day to do needle point, I will weave sewing back into my modern life, a bit here and a bit there. I plan to make some reuseable household items like un-paper towels. I really want to replace the green shopping bags for a brighter, nicer home-made version. I have this gorgeous button doll bag with all the embroidery complete and fabric pre-cut just waiting to be assembled. I have an endless amount of patterns, particularly for teddy bears, ready to pick up and simply start.

Whilst looking for my craft projects and sewing tools, I decluttered some cupboards to create a better space and access for my sewing basket and craft projects. I had some hand-made teddy bears of mine tucked away out of sight in a drawer that now have pride of place on display on a book case. I have a pile of old t-shirts that I pulled out to reduce the amount of clothes spilling out from the wardrobe, now set aside for a rag rug that I have always wanted to try. I have a few old jumpers and tracksuit pants that lost the elastic in them long ago now pulled out that I am not sure yet what I will re-purpose them into, perhaps an oven mit or some rags. A few things I found along the way have been popped into a bag to donate to charity. I feel lighter from decluttering and clearer mentally as sewing has always been a great way to be mindful and forget about what is going on around me.

2015-02-02 004 Bears

A few of my hand-made teddy bears

Are you a crafty person? A knitter? An embroiderer? A teddy bear creator? Do play cards?