Here is a snap shot (or few) of what we have been cooking, baking and eating over the past month. I have always enjoyed baking, especially as a stress reliever. Husband is a chef so a photo is a good record of what we have cooked as its normally a throw together meal, making it difficult to replicate.

Grass-fed scotch steak and pumpkin feta walnut salad with macadamia oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Enjoyed with a Rose we picked up at the Exo Xpo.

2014-12-31 016 Steak

Simple dinner

Banana and chocolate spelt cake (recipe adapted from Women’s Weekly Bake Cookbook)

Choc Banana Cake

Banana and Chocolate Cake

Apple and leftover museli muffins (based on recipe in Women’s Weekly Bake Cookbook, inspired by Lisa Corduff’s porridge muffins)

Apple Muffins

Apple and leftover muesli muffins

Chocolate mousse (recipe from IQuitSugar)

Choc Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Meals from Blackbird Cafe, Cockle Bay Sydney as we enjoyed a night out on the weekend seeing 2Cellos in concert.

Blackbird Cafe

Dinner at Blackbird Cafe

Paleo Parfait (recipe as seen on Pete Evan’s The Paleo Way)

Paleo Parfait

Paleo Parfait

Osso bucco (a first time meal for the family, inspired by recipes on Taste, tasted so good!)

2015-01-17 005 (2) Osso

Osso Bucco

Stone fruit pudding (recipe adapted from Women’s Weekly Bake Cookbook)

2015-01-23 003 Pudding

Stone fruit pudding

Roast pork shoulder (meal got eaten before photos, mmm crackling!)

2015-01-23 002 Roast

Cooking up a storm on a Friday night!

Changing Habits Einkorn bread (recipe from Changing Habits Recipe Book)

2015-01-23 004 Bread

Einkorn Bread

I love the variety of meals we eat of real food made from scratch. What have you cooked up lately?


Changing Habits Emmer Wheat Flour