Stop thinking, get some Headspace!

The past couple of weeks I have been working through Headspace Take10, a free course of 10 of guided meditation sessions. I have also been reading the book Headspace by Andy Puddington. Meditation is not a new thing to me as its my favourite part of yoga lying down and relaxing.

Headspace is mindfulness in the modern world. Headspace is clarity, a way to bring your mind back to rest, not to think empty thoughts but that it’s ok to have thoughts. I loved the short video on sitting on the side of the road watching the cars/thoughts go by and that I am learning to not run out in front of traffic. I loved other short videos like the blue sky and the mind is like a puddle and thoughts create ripples, as these were creative, visual ways to explain concepts of mindfulness. I loved the many stories Andy tells in the book of his teachings as a monk in a variety of monasteries all over the world.

Headspace is great however it took me a bit to get in the swing of it. A series of 10 sessions I worked out to take me 10 days, however I was anxious that I wasn’t able to do a session everyday. Headspace reassured me that it was ok if I don’t manage it everyday. I like that Headspace is an app so that I can do it anywhere, like on my lunch break at work enjoying the warm sunshine stretched out on the lush green grass. I struggled with getting Headspace as it was hard to get 10 minutes peace to myself at home with my son saying ‘wake up’ when I closed my eyes or ‘I need to wee’ so I would start the 10 minutes over again. Headspace was a way to focus on your physical sensations, except for the session when this focus made me aware I needed to use the bathroom, and start the session again. Headspace was a way to be calm with my thoughts.

I felt clearer in my mind on the days when I did Headspace Take10. The effects of meditation are not just a wishy-washy all in my head things, there is a lot of science around the benefits of meditation. Mindfulness reduces anxiety, is a way to prevent relapse of depression, a way to flex the brain and increase neuro-plasticity and more.

I am going to continue on my Headspace journey over the next 3 months. I will check in and let you know how it goes.

I love this song recently in a Body Balance yoga class, I felt free!