This land is your land, this land is my land
From California, to the New York Island
From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me.

2014-12-18 003 King Parrot

King Parrot on our balcony

This song has been sung many a time around a camp fire and resonates with me each time I take in the beauty which surrounds us. I live in a beautiful part of Australia and am privileged to live part way between the beach and the bush. I am grateful for the morning I spend with my family sitting by the beach, watching my son run back and forth between the waves, building sand castles, giggling with delight. I am grateful for the afternoon on the beach spending quality time kicking back and relaxing with friends and watching a pod a dolphins swim close to shore. I am grateful for the day I spend soaking in the sun on a ferry ride with my son on our glorious Sydney Harbour. I am grateful for the animals that share our environment and come visit regularly. I am grateful for the National Park on our door step beckoning me to step foot within her serene nature on a invigorating bush walk.

2014-12-05 014 Sydney Harbour

Ferry ride on Sydney Harbour

There is beauty in our world and we all must protect what we have before it is too late, before we lose and damage what we have. We need to make better choices with the way our world, our technology, our conveniences impact our precious and limited environment. Otherwise there will come a time soon (or we are already there?) where there is no beauty, only a landscape littered with rubbish, plastic debris and pollution, choked with toxins leaching into our bodies poisoning us slowly. Though the land may be made for us, it wasn’t made for us to trash it. We need to be grateful for our land and what it provides for us so that we can all live and prosper happy healthy and fulfilled lives.

nature - food matters

(via Food Matters)

(Words and Music by Woody Guthrie)