I am three weeks into the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator course and loving it. I have found a lovely new tribe welcoming me with open arms, so many beautiful, supportive souls. The modules are easy to manage each week, even while running a home, working and have a toddler running around. I love the short videos of Kim Morrison we get with each module.

Listening to the video this week got me thinking about some research I recall from my university studies. Kim was chatting about how when we inhale an aroma it has an effect on us for example certain smells remind us of our childhood. Kim was telling us how smell can attract other human beings and using essential oils on our body can interact with our pheromones and hormones to create our own unique smell, in comparison to a perfume which smells the same on any body. This got me thinking of the amusing white t-shirt experiment.

For 2 nights men wore a white t-shirt to bed and then returned it to the researchers. The following day a smell test is conducted where women smell 6 of the men’s white t-shirts and asked to rank their preference of odour. The results found that those t-shirts which were ranked as being more ‘pleasant’ are more genetically different from that of the judging woman. This effect is reversed in women who were taking oral contraceptives. This suggests that odour may play a role in our mate preferences. Being dissimilar promotes healthy genetic diversity and a stronger immune system. This research also parallels what happens in mice and rats. Source: MHC genes, body odours, and odour preferences

The ‘Chemistry of Attraction’ was on ABC Catalyst a couple of years ago and referred to the t-shirt experiment. Here is a short video from a documentary in 2000 replicating this experiment.

Makes you realise how powerful the sense of smell is and gives you a greater understanding as to how essential oils and aromatherapy work! Looking forward to more ‘aha’s in the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator program.