Take my breath awaaaaay!

Lately I have found myself holding my breath from the chemical bombardment I have been encountering. The toxins in the air seem to be everywhere, there is no escape. People think that this continual bombardment is ok in small amounts but we are starting to discover the accumulation effect of these chemicals and that some people may be more sensitive than others. The more I travel down the low-tox lifestyle path, the more I find I can’t stand the smell of fake fragrances and the more sensitive I am becoming to chemicals.

Do you find that you purposely avoid the cleaning product aisle at the supermarket from the toxin fumes wafting from every product on the shelf? Do you dread when you actually need a product from this aisle and make a made dash to locate and retrieve the product of choice whilst leaving the child and trolley at the end of the aisle to spare them from the onslaught? I certainly do as the smell takes my breath away.

Recently my sunglasses broke and I set out to buy a new pair from Westfield. I walked through the cosmetic section of Myer to get to the Sunglasses Hut and I thought I was going to pass out, it was so strong. How do those shop attendants work in that environment every day selling these so called perfumes?

Last Friday my neighbour had their whole unit steam cleaned and put the steam unit in the common area. I was suffocating from the toxic fragrance wafting to my unit, even husband gagged when he got home from the stench, it was that strong. Despite how cold it is we had to open our balcony door to be able to breathe, I couldn’t even smell my vaporiser with my essential oils.

Each week I take my son to his kinder gym class during Term. During a class one of the fathers was with his child and the aftershave/deodorant stench knocked me sideways. I spent most of the class working out where this particular father was just so I didn’t have to encounter the bubble of synthetic fragrances that surrounded him.

On the way to work I walked up the street behind a man with pungent deodorant. I was forced to stop and wait till he walked further ahead just to allow me to breathe. Can people not smell how strong that stuff is that they put on themselves?

At a recent birthday celebration I was surrounded by fake smells within the household. Coconut & fig foaming hand wash I had no choice but to use to wash dirt off toddlers hands. The smell stuck to my hands for what seemed like forever. The toilet block that scents and cleans with every flush. The spray and wipe used to clean up the spills. I escaped outside just to get some fresh air any chance I got.

If a chemical is questionable let’s try to eliminate it or at best it avoid it as best you can.  While I may not be able to control the entire environment, I am able to make my home as close to nature as possible and reduce the toxic chemical load. Has anyone else developed a heightened sensitivity to fake smells since reducing the chemical load in their life?