This weekend we were back in the swing of our routine and back at the farmers’ markets after the Christmas break. It was great to get all our yummy real food, but it was also great to see the smiling faces of the stall holders and have a social chit chat along the way.

Visiting the farmer’s markets has been an important part of our weekends for the past 12 months. The food quality and variety is impeccable, you can see what is in season and everyone is so friendly, some even notice when you have missed a week or two. Depending on what week of the month it is, depends on who you may find, some stall holders are monthly and some are regulars every week.

We started going to our local farmer’s market as a way towards breaking up with the supermarkets, particularly the big two. I was inspired by Down to Earth Mother on why and how Jo broke up with the supermarkets. The Sustainable Table ethical food pyramid was featured in a post by Down to Earth Mother, and I loved the simplicity of it. I decided to focus on changing our shopping habits by exploring our local farmers’ markets, and sourcing as much as we can from the farmers’ markets instead of the supermarket.

ethical shopping pyramid

Sustainable Table ethical shopping pyramid

So what is in our shopping basket this week at the markets?

2015-01-17 006 mushrooms


2015-01-17 005 big egg

600g supermarket egg vs 800g+ farmers’ market egg

2015-01-17 004 Eggs

Tray of 20 eggs

2015-01-17 009 Meat

Wootton Valley Meat grass fed lamb mince, bacon and scotch fillet

2015-01-17 011 Milk

Unhomogenised milk and yoghurt, cultured butter and soft cheese

And the fruit and veg in the above photo!

A bonus with the market’s is when we can treat ourselves to yummy lunch whilst soaking up the sunshine.

2015-01-17 002 sausage roll

Stevensons Fine Food sausage roll

2015-01-17 001 pie

Stevensons Fine Food pie and mash with gravy

Check out your local area and see if there is a farmer’s markets near you.


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