To become lively or active

– Merriam Webster Dictionary


The SPArkle Experience is your chance to come, connect with friends and relax to come see the Twenty8 philosophies come to life, and learn the huge benefits of working with nature and its life-giving tools in the comfort of your own home!


In our SPArkle you will learn age old remedies and simple strategies that have been used for thousands of years in dealing with stress, anxiety, balancing hormones, building immunity, increasing energy levels, getting the best out of your relationships, fitness and everything else we women need to know in order to stay in tune to be healthy and happy. You will also learn how to make your life and family’s health more natural and chemical free. If you love the book Like Chocolate For Women then the SPArkle Experience brings it all to life in an easy to understand and fun way!

We also appreciate the beauty of connecting with our girlfriends and having some good old time out together whilst being educated and inspired at the same time which is why the in-home SPArkle is the perfect way to take care of yourself and those you love.


A SPArkle Experience is the perfect way to learn and indulge while experiencing the excellence of the Twenty8 range of organic aromatherapy and skincare, products that deliver amazing results and restore your health and wellbeing.  This is not your typical aromatherapy and skincare range.

We show you why we are different, how we are getting such amazing results… and what it means to your health when you take on an incredible range of natural products that truly work. You cannot get this information in a shop, or by picking up a brochure. To get the full understanding and story of Like Chocolate For Women and Twenty8 we know the in-home experience is the ONLY way we can share directly the profound messages, ingredients and principles in a fun, light-hearted yet very informative way.

Sparkle photo


All you have to do is invite some girlfriends to come SPArkle with you! 10-15 gorgeous friends is the ideal number to make your event a success. Make this a special ‘girl’s night in’ with bubbles and chocolate or ask your guests to bring their favourite dessert! You can make it however big you like!

As The Host You Will Receive:

  • An Aromatic Spritzer personally made for you on the night
  • A copy of Like Chocolate for Women
  • The 28 Day Like Chocolate For Women Programme
  • And most exciting is a 10% gift voucher from guests sales on the night to go towards your own products


The focus is on your own self-care, and how you can improve your sense of health, beauty and wellbeing, appreciating the ripple effect this has on those around you. As women we often put everyone else first, nurturing and taking care of those around us. And whilst this is perfectly ok we just need quick tools and strategies that keeps us on top of our game and our emotional tanks topped too!

We know women want nothing more than to be the fit, healthy, gorgeous and divine woman they were destined to be – but somewhere along the line sometimes they can get a little lost, discouraged or down right annoyed! The SPArkle Experience is a chance to understand the importance of prioritising, knowing that when you are healthy and happy everyone around you benefits.

Many have said the SPArkle Experience is the perfect reminder, the best anecdote to take stock, inject some inspiration and feel the ‘a-ha’ we need to get back on track or be even better than we imagined. The in-home SPArkle Experience is about bringing women together in a unique and compelling way that is simply changing relationships, families and lives around the country.

You and your girlfriends will LOVE this experience and we look forward to sparkling with you all soon! Simply email me to request your own SPArkle Experience.

We have a growing team of dedicated Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educators around the country as well as New Zealand, so if I am not in your local area I can connect you up with someone who is!

 “Beauty is being yourself but with a sparkle”.

6 year old Mia