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Sick of being sick

I am so sick of being sick. I feel like I am on this merry-go-round that I can’t seem to get off. In six to eight week cycles since Christmas 2013 I continue to come down with the cold and flu symptoms, putting me out of action for days and recovering for weeks. This stop-start business of getting sick, then catching up on life, start to feel good again, only to then get sick. I have had enough already universe!

At first I thought it was the detox processes at work as I started my journey to wholesome real food. Eating the good food to crowd out the bad food. Letting my body adjust to the new ways of health and wellness. Going through gut die off as my body recalibrates the good bacteria. I continue to keep up the probiotics, fermented foods and the kombucha to support my gut health.

I went to see my local GP after about the third bout of sickness. It’s nothing the doctor can do, it’s probably just a virus, let it run its course, rest, and keep your fluids up. Who can rest with a toddler I think. I ask as to why I continue to get sick and it’s because I am ‘unlucky’. What does luck even have to do with it? I feel like I am dying while being sick with a toddler.

Every six weeks I continue to be knocked down with head aches, stuffy runny nose, body aches and fever. Is it my body telling me to just simple slow down? My body always has found a way to put up the white flag and to get me stop. My body’s greatest way of doing this is slamming me with a massive migraine. Usually stops me in my tracks, forcing me to retreat to bed with the lights off not wanting to move an inch.

I had come to accept that getting sick was just a part of motherhood, with the exception that I seemed to be the only one in the household getting sick. Until I read Deja Ewww! by Dr William Davis, Wheat Belly. Could my symptoms of sinus and mucous, body aches and general tiredness by a symptom of wheat re-exposure? Over the months I had reduced the amount and type of wheat we had been eating at home. The periods of sickness seemed to follow days after a family function, along with a guaranteed migraine two days later and an upset tummy. Coincidental or not? Nothing against my beautiful family, however, the pastas, breads and gluttony of delicious cakes and desserts were my weakness and most likely containing refined wheat in large quantities. I strengthened my resolve to not eat wheat whilst dining with family or friends.

After this epiphany about wheat I went four months sinus and sickness free, only to be stricken again over Christmas with the flu and a chest infection. Everyone in the family had it so this time round I at least knew it wasn’t due to something that I had eaten. Being sick over the Christmas break is not fun, especially when you are stuck at home with a bored toddler.

Six weeks later we were all struck down again with another virus, this time putting my husband and son totally out of action for a week. Husband suffering with a severe sinus infection and resorting to antibiotics, looked for alternatives to clear up the mucous. A mate of his recommended Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to treat sinus infections. Drinking a splash of ACV in a glass of water takes a bit of getting used to but it worked.

Another six weeks later and again the toddler starts with a running nose on Saturday. By Sunday morning I am curled up with the shakes and temperature fluctuations, struggling to breathe. This time I halt everything, no housework, no leaving the house and watching way too much TV for my liking. I drink ACV 3-4 times a day. My morning ritual of body boosting includes Twenty8 Immune Boost. We are eating our nourishing bone broths. I have all our oil diffusers constantly wafting Twenty8 Immune Boost through our home. It’s most likely another virus going around, perhaps something my son has brought home from day care or from the gym creche, or something we picked up on public transport. I rest in bed as best as I can or sloth on the lounge. After a few days I get down to the beach to earth myself and try to breathe in the salt air to clear the lungs and relieve the aches.

Enough is enough. I am eating well, looking after my self better than I have in a long while, not overdoing things and I am still getting sick. Time to look into other avenues as to what may be going on with my body. Have you sought alternatives to healthcare? What has worked for you?


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Time to get a journal

We have all had a moment in time, usually in childhood, where we write our deepest, darkest secrets in a diary. For most of us though the act of writing our inner thoughts in a diary wanes after a while. For others it morphs into list making as a way to keep life organised. I have always been one for lists, written on odd bits of paper, post it notes both hard copy and virtual, and running to do list in my head. This system of lists had worked until a big gust of wind came along and scattered lists everywhere.

Those winds were Postpartum Psychosis. As I descended into psychosis my list making increased, writing endless notes on bits of paper to remember what I needed to do, when to feed the baby, what questions to ask people about things I wasn’t sure of, list after list. I remember getting an exercise book out one morning as a journal and pouring out the contents of my head to try to get my thoughts to stop racing. I even attempted to get a diary working for me to work out upcoming appointments for our son and me as I was having trouble keeping track of days and time.

As I recovered, with my memory shot to pieces, I struggled to keep track of what things needed doing. If it wasn’t written down, it didn’t get done. I started off using our kitchen whiteboard to jot down what chores needed doing, upcoming appointments, and general tid bits. I progressed to Evernote app and Google calendar, both of which were very handy as I can sync with my husband. The downfall of technology however was it was out of sight, out of mind and not a reliable method of recording quick thoughts as notes.

This all changed August last year when I came across bullet journalling. Back to the old school pen and paper method the original bullet journal concept makes it so easy to be organised. Just jot down tasks on a day to day list, any tasks not done in the month get rolled onto the month to do list, as well a monthly view calendar. Any special topics e.g. Christmas lists, holiday checklists can be created as a separate page and indexed. Everything is in the one place with symbols distinguishing between tasks, events, notes. There is not any particular type of diary you have to buy for it to work, any blank note book will do. The lists can be as big or as small as you like, with no pressure to write in a pre-defined area, and its ok if you skip a day (or two!) So simple!

Here is a video by the creator of Bullet Journal to give you an overview:

Since I started bullet journalling my productivity has sky rocketed. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I tick off things on my to do list. I am motivated to complete tasks that have been hanging around on my monthly lists for too long. I don’t forget the little things to do as I now write them down on the day I think of them; it doesn’t mean I have to get it done that day. I even started a bullet journal at work to help keep organised and on track with all the tasks I am working on. I would be so lost without bullet journalling.

I still use the kitchen whiteboard as a place for meal plan ideas, chore prompting, and the occasional upcoming event. All events are synced into our Google calendars, so my husband and I both know what is coming up for our family. I use Evernote a lot for occasional notes like books to read, photos of receipts, wish list items and other random notes. My go-to master list is now my Gratitude Diary 2015 (from Biome) with the bullet journalling to do lists and notes, as well as my daily gratitudes, all in one convenient location. If I feel like I am getting overwhelmed or lost my rhythm I call a 5 five minute time out where I can brain dump everything into my diary.

2015-03-27 Diary

My gratitude diary (from Biome)

I start the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Educator Program next Monday and I am so excited to be learning everything there is know about essential oils and self-care from the passionate Kim Morrison. I received the first email this week in preparation for the start of the course and it was titled “Time to get a Journal”. At first I was hesitant to be writing my flowing thoughts into a journal. I now see this as an opportunity to expand my daily journalling practice, and as a way to document my feelings, thoughts and learnings on the Twenty8 HLE course as an investment in myself.

Are you a list maker? Do you write your musings in a journal? Or are your a bullet journal fan?


Ready, set, race!

I’m distracted, left behind in my own world as my legs start to turn over.

Pick up the pace, turn up a gear!

Focus, who am I kidding, my head is not in the room, its off planning what I will do after class, thinking what my son is up to… my thoughts are racing.

“You make me feel good,
You make me feel safe,
You know I wouldn’t have it any other way”

As I am thinking of husband working 6 days a week and missing him heaps the beat of Laserlight by Jessie J brings me back into the moment. I am alive, my legs are spinning, beads of perspiration are trickling down my face. Reality check. This is my time, my moment.

I’ve got that feeling returning, I remember this feeling. I start to feel good as Flo Rida Good Feeling pumps away my thoughts.

Start to climb!

I start to drift off, reminiscing about times in high school as Bomfunk MC Freestyler and Fragma Toca’s Miracle pound out of the speakers, my thoughts seem a million miles away but my legs keep spinning to the bass.

Increase the resistance!

Bring it back, focus, feel the burn. Forget about the thoughts as my body works hard. Get lost in the music not my thoughts. Slow down the race in my head, there is no winner.


No one gets left behind in the spin room, there are no losers, we are all in it together.

As the instructor wearing a Spider Man suit brings the class to a close I reflect on my spin class today. My head wasn’t in a good space, I need to slow down again. I have lost my rhythm, my routine at the gym and I miss the good feeling.

The gym is my outlet for release and time out. While I am  not a gym junkie, it is a place where I can forget about the world and focus on myself. Feel my body working hard, building strength and letting go of the stress. A place where I can stop my thoughts racing away. Even while I was pregnant we planned enough money in our budget for me to continue with the gym despite people saying we should give up our gym membership with a new bub and a single income. Going to the gym is my time for self-care.

The gym has been a wonderful place for me especially on my journey of healing and recovery. I get to know familiar faces, friendly smiles are exchanged and conversations are struck up with the regulars. On days I am feeling flat and I drag myself to the gym, I get a buzz once I am there and interacting with other people and working my body. The regulars greet me with a smile and a laugh along with words of encouragement as they notice the changes in me, the weight I have lost. Even a personal trainer that I saw 18 months ago at my heaviest did a double take at me recently and came up to me with words of amazement and encouragement.

Though my routine has been shaky of late and my head feels like it’s picking up speed, I know that the gym is where I am grounded, I get that good feeling!


While I was pregnant I envisioned my soon to be natural birth. I learnt everything I could about how to give birth naturally. I had a fear of going under the knife if anything were to go wrong during birth, in my head having a cesarean section was not an option for me. I was given information about how to prepare in the event of a c-section and I choose not to read it. I glossed over the hospital guidelines for c-section.

The reason for the aversion towards a c-section was the scar. For me it wouldn’t just be little faint line but a large raised red zipper of keloid or hypertrophic scarring. I have a few keloid scars from previous surgeries, minor injuries and burns. Keloid scarring is when a wound over-heals , an overgrowth of collagen tissue. Keloid is not contagious, and is not harmful to your health, the most damage keloid does is to your vanity and self-love of your body.

My birth did not end up the way I had envisioned, as births never do follow the birth plan you painstakingly detail with every last wish and whim. After my waters broke on my due date I waited four days of stagnated contractions. My doctor worked with me as I tried to get things moving to allow me to give birth naturally. As each day passed I became increasingly tired and nervous that my labour was not progressing. If nothing happened after the fourth day we would need to plan for either an induction or c-section. My baby intervened, by the morning of the fourth day he went into distress and I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. It was such a blur as I was wheeled into the operating theatre within 10 minutes.

Normal is history - pinky

(via Pinky McKay)

My beautiful son was delivered into the world safely and the only sign of his distress was being covered in merconium. I was so thankful for the delivery of my son but I now have a permanent reminder of how my son came into the world. I was worried how the scar would turn out despite my husband reassuring me that the doctor had done an exceptional job with the stitching, my scar did not look like the rest of keloid scars. There are so many images in the media of women bouncing back to a fabulous body after birth, I felt I had no chance to look good again after being stretched as well as scarred.

Every now and then I would think about my scar, my imperfection, my mark of being out of control. Now I have lost the baby weight and more my scar is more visible to me. The feeling of inadequacy of not being able to have a natural birth the way I wanted to simmered to the surface of my thoughts. Reading Wellness Mama I realised that I need to make peace with my scar.  Reading Peppermint Magazine (Summer 2014) I discovered the beautiful bodies of mothers through the eyes of Jade Beall.



Through photography Jade uses portraiture as a powerful tool for healing and empowerment. Jade uses her camera to explore the physical aspects of motherhood from the pressure of looking a certain way the media portrays, to breastfeeding to c-sections. The camera reveals the truth and beauty in mothers, shows the self-love and self-acceptance as inspiration to others who may have a distorted body image or self-loathing and trying to be someone else.

Seeing these beautiful bodies of other mothers made me realise that I too am a beautiful mother. My scar is a testament to what I have been through and I now am learning make peace with my scar and be more accepting of my amazing body.

“Little by little, we can all relearn to see ourselves as utterly magnificent. Just as we are, right now” – Jade Beall

(quoted from Peppermint Magazine Summer 2014)


Investment in myself

As part of my journey in health I am investing in myself and in a months time I will begin the Twenty8 Health and Lifestyle Education (HLE) Program by the amazing Kim Morrison. The Twenty8 HLE Program is a nationwide training program aimed at improving the health and wellness of the individual, their family and community through the use of essential oils and ritualised aromatherapy practices.

At the Awaken the Change Within retreat 2014 I came away feeling empowered. I love everything about Twenty8 and Kim’s philosophy about self-care and rituals with essential oils. At ATCW retreat I was entranced by Kim’s passion for wholistic wellness, and her ability to talk endlessly about the benefits of essential oils and chemical free living. One of the sessions got me really thinking, invest in my self. Don’t make excuses like “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money”, just make the decision and the universal business will sort out the rest. If you want to change careers, do it. If you want to go back to school and study, do it. If you want to start your own business, do it. I really wanted to be apart of the HLE program so that weekend I signed up on the spot.

In preparation for the start of the HLE program in March 2015, I recently received my parcels of Twenty8 goodness, beautifully wrapped and smelling divine with Immune Boost essential oil.

2015-02-14 001 Parcels

Twenty8 parcels delivered to my door

  • Complete set of essential oil synergy blends
2015-02-14 004 Blends

Twenty8 Synergy Blends

  • Complete Age-Defying Skincare Kit
2015-02-14 003 Skin care

Twenty8 Skincare Kit

  • Complete Body Boost Pack
  • Oil Vaporiser
  • Like Chocolate for Women top selling book

I am so excited to be learning and growing more and to be joining the fantastic Twenty8 team!


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